Make your own healthy and crispy Kale Chips with a touch of spicy Espelette pepper for a light snack.

Kale chips
Spicy Kale Chips (front) Purple chips (back)


These are a great alternatives to chips or popcorn while watching TV! They taste fantastic, got the same crunch as chips and are 100 times healthier. Also easy to adapt to your taste and make them with a nice sea salt and lime, BBQ seasonning, curry powder or even truffle kale chips (check recipe here) but for now we’ll do them with a favorite of mine Espelette pepper.

Espelette, France
Drying in the sun, Espelette peppers

Last summer I’ve been to the Basque Country, on the Spanish side and the French one which strangely differ quite a bit. We went in September to visit the Espelette small village and got pleasantly surprise upon our arrival to see all those old houses drying out lines and lines of Espelette peppers. It’s really a fantastic feeling to walk around this village at this particular drying time of the year, it’s bring a magic aspect to it. Even the windows shutters from every house are the exact same color as the fresh Espelette pepper. Those peppers are being dried this way since they first came around from the New world in the 16th century. A truly magical place! I personally love espelette pepper because of it’s mildly-hot heat which I consider perfection to not overwhelm the mouth nor the other ingredients next to it. A last note on Espelette pepper, since it’s often found or sold in powder form it loses a lot with the time passing by, I would give it a year of shelf life time, after that it’s just going taste not much and lose its heat…


I bought myself a dehydrator on the web not long ago, but if you already have too many of those kitchen gadgets, you can always make them in the oven. It’s such a simple thing to do and it’s so healthy! It’s a “free for all” buffet for people who, like me, are this eternal diet.



That magical leaf is one of the most beneficial foods to your health, so you never can have too much of those greenies. They are like a antioxidants bomb; including quercetin and kaempferol. These antioxidants lower bad cholesterol, fight depression, keep cancer away and so on… the list of benefits from that simple green leaf goes on and on. Google it yourself and you’ll see it’s the “god” of all food. So let’s start our new “Kalegion” or “Temple of Kale” with this simple recipe.


Spicy Kale Chips

  • 20 leaves of Kale 
  • 1 tbsp Olive oil
  • 1 tbsp of Espelette pepper powder
  • Salt
  1. Simply cut the stem from the kale with a small knife.
  2. Wash the leaves and dry them up with paper towel.
  3. In a bowl, add the kale, the olive oil, the Espelette powder and salt, Mix well
  4. Place on the trays of your dehydrator machine to 50°C (120F) for 4-5 hours. Or the lowest of your oven temperature with the door slightly open until crispy.




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  2. I love learning about local regional specialties, so thanks for writing this post! We were in the San Sebastian/St. Jean-de-Luz/Biarritz region not too long ago, but I didn’t know about Espelette. That is an area I’d love to explore further. Oh! and I love kale chips but haven’t made them for awhile. Time for another batch!

    • You were right next to it… St. Jean-de-Luz is about 30 minutes from it I think. It’s just going to give you more to visit for next time;)

  3. These look fantastic, espelette is definitely the Cadillac of peppers – when we run out we use the poor man’s version – korean chili powder – which is also fantastic but a bit more mild and much less espensive. But espelette is always worth the splurge.

  4. I do love a spicy chip. I’ll have to track down some Espelette pepper powder to give these a try.

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