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Roquefort and Arugula Pasta

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I had some leftovers from that dipping sauce, from the hot habanero chicken wings, I’ve used my leftover into pasta, add a little arugula, chives and voilà! The version, I’ll write here, is the real recipe I usually use to make my blue cheese pasta sauce… I know, most people would use the creamy gorgonzola, not a roquefort like I do… But I’m such a strong flavoured cheese lover, and the gorgonzola, never hits my taste buds strong enough, sure the creamy texture of gorgonzola is nice compared with the dried Roquefort but I’d rather get the taste then the texture. Everyone has their own preference, mine is “Roquefort”.

Roquefort and Arugula PastaFrom all the cheeses out there… I couldn’t choose a favorite. I ‘m a BIG goat cheese lover, a sharp old gouda lover, a fresh mozzarella lover, etc… I love them all… couldn’t choose one as my favorite! Impossible mission! Although, for blue cheese it’s quite the opposite, I do have  a favorite… Roquefort. I mean, I tried many blue cheese, but this Roquefort one is simply my blue cheese love story. Ok, sorry… I won’t get too sentimental about it.

The legend of the Roquefort cheese is that a young man was eating his lunch at the entrance of a cave in south of France, when he saw a young lady of his type and decide to pursuit her, leaving his cheese and baguette behind. For a few weeks, the mold from this special cave infested the cheese. When the young man came back and saw that his cheese had changed into what we know today as Roquefort. Also, in 1925, the cheese became the first AOC product ever, from France.

So let’s get those bellies full of delicious Roquefort!

Roquefort and Arugula Pasta

Makes 4 portions

Roquefort and Arugula PastaIngredients
  • 500g pasta of your choice
  • 100g Roquefort
  • 50g Arugula leaves
  • 200ml creme fraiche (30% cream)
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped chives
  • salt and pepper
  1. Cook your pasta, in salty water, the way you like them
  2. In a small sauce pan add the cream and roquefort, low heat until the roquefort is completely melted into the cream
  3. Add pepper and salt
  4. Drain the pasta
  5. Mix the pasta and the Roquefort sauce
  6. Add the chives, arugula leaves and check the seasoning (salt, pepper, love lots of the pepper in my cream sauces)

Serve with a side of tomato salad and a good wine, Enjoy!



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