Shrimp tartar with strawberries and avocado

Shrimp tartar is quite simple to make and taste simply divine, without saying it’s looks irresistible. The base of the dish is similar to a shrimp ceviche, simply needing to marinate the fresh shrimps in lime juice for a couple of hours. The bigger the size of the shrimp the longer you’ll need to marinate it. By definition, tartar means finely cut and raw meat… In restaurants, the eternal favorites are the salmon, tuna or beef tartare. In this shrimp case, I’ve used fresh shrimps. Usually, tartare dishes aren’t marinated in acidic marinade for that long… the shrimps, here, were in lime juice for about 24 hours, but you could easily just marinated them 3 hours. The result would be a softer texture but as delicious… and it’s really important you get really fresh seafood to make this appetizer. shrimptartarepinShrimp tartar with strawberries and avocado

I believe strawberries and avocados are a match made in heaven. First, their colors are the perfect dynamic and appetizing pair and the creamy smooth avocado and the acidic and fruity strawberry pair beautifully.

You can use this as a tapas dish also, simply add the 3 components to a nice presentation spoon or small bowl and voilà! I assure you, there isn’t a better way to start an evening then this!

So let’s get that fresh and light bite going!

Shrimp tartar with strawberries and avocado

makes 4 appetizers / 8 tapas

IShrimp tartar with strawberries and avocadongredients
  • 1 big avocado in small cubes
  • 40 small fresh shrimps
  • 6 strawberries in small cubes
  • 10 chives finely cut
  • 3-4 limes (3 1/2 for the marinade and 1/2 for the avocado)
  • 1 tsp extra-virgin olive oil
  • salt, pepper
  1. Clean the shrimps, take the veins out and wash them in cold water
  2. Add the shrimps to a small bowl with the lime juice, salt (enough to barely cover them)
  3. Let marinate in the fridge for 3 hours to 24 hours (longer the tougher the texture)
  4. Cut the avocado, strawberry and chives
  5. Add to the avocado, olive oil, chives, a lime squeeze, salt and pepper and mix
  6. In the center of a plate, add a small cookie cutter (the metal cylinder) add a bottom layer of avocado mix, then the lime marinated shrimps then top with strawberries and a leaf of coriander *optional
  7. Take out the cookie cutter and voilà!

Serve as it is or with a nest of lettuce of your choice. Enjoy!


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