Well, it’s a bit strange to write about something else then food… I feel a little out of my element but I was nominated by a fellow blogger blogtasticfood. Not sure how the whole Sunshine blogger award works, but I think I have to answer a few questions then I have to nominate a blogger I like and ask questions. That seems fair enough. So I’ll keep it short and go right to the Questions:

  • What is your favorite dish?

Answer: OMG! That’s a rough start… I can sincerely not answer this one… I mean to choose one is too hard… I would have to say: today, since it’s sunny outside and relatively hot I would love a good goat cheese salad with figs as a starter, then a simple chicken, lemongrass, coconut, coriander leaves rice noodles.

  • What inspired you to start blogging?

Answer: I’ve travelled quite a bit, lived in Peru, Colombia and now Spain, I’ve learned a lot while travelling and I have such a love for food… I had to do something about it. I see my blog more has a Recipe Book of all my experiences here and there.

  • Sweet or savory?

Answer: Another hard question… I do like the Sweet and Sour tastes a lot… But I have to say, in general, I am more a savory one. I believe every good Savory dishes as a tiny little bit of sweet in it and vice versa.

  • What is your best blogging tip?

Answer: I don’t have any, since I am new at it and figuring it out too… but I would say… I, personally, love to read a slightly funny food blog.

  • What is the best restaurant, cafe, street food market etc you have ever been to?

Answer: Without any doubt the Santa Caterina Market is my favorite place on earth, also love the “Fira de la Terra” the earth fair in Barcelona which take place at the beginning of May. As for restaurants, there are too many to just pick one up.

  • Who is your favorite chef?

Answer: Another hard one… I don’t have a one favorite, I have many; in Spain I like Ferran Adria, Jordi Cruz, Oriol Balaguer, also from my homeland Canada, I like Jeremy Charles or Susur Lee, Anita Lo, Marc Murphy, Marcus Samuelsson, etc. I could go on an on… I like the Anthony Bourdain shows, love the travelling and discovering of new techniques and flavours with a touch of humor.

  • What is your goal with blogging?

Answer: My goal is to keep my recipes in a place where I can share at the same time then collecting them. Plus, I’m starting a food tour with my husband around Barcelona soon, so I thought it would be interesting for my future clients to have the possibility to check Spanish recipes on my blog.

  • What drives/motivates you?

Answer: My addiction for food, and now my new addiction to food blogging… not sure it’s an healthy habit but at the very least a tasty one. Also love photography and kitchen accessories, etc. I used to be a kitchen designer.

  • What is your dream?

Answer: To open my own bistro or little B&B

  • Which country has the best cuisine in your opinion?

Answer: Those questions are not easy… this is too hard to answer. I can say I love Vietnamese food, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Thai, Peruvian, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, etc. To all the countries their gastronomy, I like them all. But if there is a place I would go tomorrow to make a culinary course it would probably be India, or Italy.

Ouf! I realise I didn’t give clear answers but prefer to be unclear than unreal. I guess it’s my turn to nominated a fellow blogger. Ask a few questions… I nominate this blogger; frauke’s fooddelicious fritid, because I like her recipes and need to learn a thing or 2 from her. Check this out:  or this recipe is on my radar.

Here are my questions for frauke’s fooddelicious fritid:

  1. What made you start your blog?
  2. Why did you choose to blog in english and not your mother tongue?
  3. Which country would you visit to make a cooking class?
  4. When you travel… do you usually make food tours, or cooking classes?
  5. What recipe from your blog are you the most proud off?
  6. Do you do your own pictures?
  7. What is the best tip someone gave you in relation to cooking?
  8. What your favorite cooking show?
  9. What’s your favorite recipe book?
  10. Who are your favorite chefs?

I encourage you to make the Sunshine blogger award continue by nominating your favorite food blogger too! Have a nice week everyone!


  1. Thank you so much for the nomination, what an honour! I hope to find the time to answer your questions this evening, when I am all annoyed by studying 😉

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