Luffa angularLuffa angular is my latest experiment, and as one knows… experiments don’t always turns out positive. This strange looking vegetable appeared at my Bangalis veggie store, I add to try it… I’ve asked the shop owner what to do with this long, snake look alike, vegetable and he told me to make a simple soup with shrimps in it. Then at home while researching… which was quite an extensive one… I saw some Chinese and Indian recipes, but nothing wow. So, I’ve chose the chinese version, I’ve substitute the shaoxing chinese cooking wine for dry Xeres, it turned out to be a failure.

The angular luffa has a silky soft texture when vapor cooked, a really nice element, which was particularly interesting. Although after the first bite, I’ve encountered this bitterness… I think the Xeres substitution didn’t help on this. I like bitter, but this one was really sharp bitter, and I took the wrong friend (Xeres) to accompany it.

Luffa angularThe vegetable when mature is the famous Luffa sponge people are exfoliating and washing with. Although the Luffa vegetable is filled with nice health properties and of great use in the chinese medicine, I’ll have to figure this vegetable out in some other way. Any advise?

Some might wonder why I write about a “failed recipe” well, I’m experimenting and it’s far from the truth that experiments are always positive. I simply want to share my results good or bad. I do want to explore this veggie once more, but I might have to wait until I visit China or India to do so.


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