Cappuccino on the rocks

This coffee is a a great start to those hot summer days. All the elements to your favorite cappuccino are in there, with a few extra ice cubes to it. It’s not really a recipe, more an idea. First of all, I foam the milk for about 20 seconds with those really affordable manual milk frother (the ones with a round spiral at the end), they cost barely nothing and do an actual good job. Then, I add the ice cubes to the milk, be generous on those. As for the coffee, you can use those italian espresso makers, which are affordable and make great espresso shots, that is, of course, if you don’t have an espresso machine.capucpin

Cappuccino on the rocksA little personal story about this coffee machine of ours; my husband and I came to live in Spain, a few years ago,  we took a car up in Germany , where he is from, and came all the way down to visit Spain with 2 guests in the back seats, all the luggages and my dog in his cage in the back of our old Volvo and , of course, the “precious” manual coffee machine of my husband in the middle back seat of the car, and yes… it had it’s own seat belt. That machine came from far and we’ve treated it almost like a kid. Travelling through Spain, we would take it out of the car each time we would arrive at a new destination, by fear of getting stolen, then each morning we could make our magical coffee and then back in the middle back seat. This machine must weight like two times a microwave… just saying… this “happy morning maker box” is part of the family.

Back to the iced coffee recipe…

If you are a coffee addict, meaning you “need it” in the morning in order to function, and feel like a refreshing start on a warm day ahead, this is the way. All the flavors are intact and simply help to start fresh the day.

Let’s make this refreshing cappuccino on the rocks!

Cappuccino on the rocks

2 portions

Cappuccino on the rocksInstrument
  • The milk frother hand machine
Cappuccino on the rocksIngredients
  • 2 coffee shots (or small italian espresso) 
  • milk
  • ice cubes
Cappuccino on the rocksDirections
  1. Add milk to 1/3 of the cups and foam with 20 seconds each with the manual milk frother
  2. Add ice cubes (fill the cup)
  3. Add the coffee shots in each coffee directly on the ice cubes
  4. Serve

Turn the ice around with the finger to mix the layers. Enjoy!

Cappuccino on the rocks (6).jpg

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