Avocado eggs

Avocado eggs with a sparkle of spicy paprika and crumbled feta on a toasted round grain thin bread is a great way to start the day. If you are searching for a fresh, light bite on your next brunch or even for lunch this is an easy, fast and delicious way to go. The lightly spicy paprika bring an extra dimension to the eggs, just like with deviled eggs, it jazz up the dish. Also freshly cracked black pepper is the best friend of any eggs, an egg without pepper it’s like a plant without water, it won’t bloom.eggspin

Avocado eggsSince I’ve been living in Spain, I’ve noticed a big difference in the taste of egg yolks. I’ve researched a bit about it on the web and found a few interesting informations about it. In Europe eggs are not washed when picked up, neither they are refrigerated, contrary in North America, eggs are sanitized and cleaned to prevent salmonella on the shell and then refrigerated right away. Salmonella can be lying whether on the shell of the egg or could be already inside the egg, which make the sanitizing not 100% effective. Also some study showed that the sanitizing of the eggs makes the shell weaker and susceptible to bacterias, for this matter the eggs are right away refrigerated in North America. In the UK, the chickens are vaccinated to prevent the salmonella disease but even with all those precautions from America to Europe, salmonella keep ravaging stomachs around the world. So who knows better? Don’t know… all I know is that the running egg yolks do not taste the same in Europe than in North America, must be because of this process they do to them. If someone out there knows more about the subject, let me know please, even search engines cannot help me with this matter.

Let’s make our tasty breakfast!

Avocado eggs

2 portions

Avocado eggsIngredients
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 avocado cut into slices
  • 4 half thin round grain breads toasted
  • 1 big tomato in thick slices
  • Spicy paprika (it’s still mild)
  • Feta cheese crumbled
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 tbsp of vinegar (any kind)
  • lime

*the fresher the egg, the better the poché

  1. Bring a pot of water to simmer
  2. Add the vinegar
  3. Crack each egg in a mini bowl then add to the simmering water
  4. Let cook 2 minutes and take out with a spoon with holes, touch to check the coccion
  5. Add to paper towel, salt, pepper and reserve
  6. Repeat the process with all the eggs
  7. Slice the avocado and add a squeeze of lime, salt to it
  8. On the toasted bread, add a tomato slice, the avocado, the egg sprinkled with spicy paprika, feta and salt
  9. Serve with a wedge of lime


Avocado eggs


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