Pink pepper Gin Tonic

Gin TonicPink pepper Gin Tonic is your next way to start the weekend in good company. This version is a slightly spicy. In Barcelona, the gin tonic is “the drink”, if you go walk around you’ll often see in the windows, “we have 40 types of gin” or similar information. Before moving over sea, I didn’t know a thing about this popular drink, after a few years of experimenting, I’ve learned quite a few variations and this is one of them.

Gin TonicThis is no funny business here, there is an art to those G & T, and many competitions to find the best around Spain. A few things I’ve learned is, for example, not to add a full lemon wedge to the drink, because the pulp kills the bubbles. Simply rub the side and inside of the glass with a twisted peel of the lime or lemon. I took lime to make a change on this one. Also another point to the perfect gin tonic is the ice cubes, the less minerals and the more purified the water is, the better the preservation of the flavors from the gin. Also, to keep those bubbles trapped under the ice cubes, you’ll need lots of it, in this big ball glass. When the glass is filled with ice, let cool the glass for a few minutes, turn the ice cubes, then discard the water from the melted ice cubes after about 5 minutes. Gin TonicAdd to your gin, about 2 shots, from high enough to hit the ice cubes and release all it’s flavors. Then pour the pink pepper tonic on a spoon handle (pros does it this way) or close to the glass, to keep the bubbles intact. Let the drink mix by itself, or give it a tiny twirl, for 2 minutes before serving.

I saw all kinds of gin and tonics, I really enjoyed this one because it is slightly spicy, due to the tonic. You also can shake the gin directly with the pink pepper and filter it or even add it directly inside the drink.

So those were the instructions and here are the ingredients I’ve used for this version of gin tonic.

Pink Pepper Gin & Tonic

  • 2 shots of bombay sapphire
  • Pink pepper tonic water small bottle
  • Neutral water ice cubes, fill the glasse
  • The skin of a lime

Check the directions above.


Gin Tonic

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