Goat cheese and tomato omelette

Omelette is the French way of doing eggs, just like the Spanish have their tortilla de patata, the Italian their frittata, the Japanese their square omelette, etc. The way French makes omelette is quite a fast and precise way to make eggs, the technique can be a bit “a pain in the a..” at first, but once you nail it, you’ll never lose the skill. Some people add a little milk or water to the egg mixture before frying it in the pan, I, usually, do my omelette without any of those, simply a pinch of salt and pepper. Also, this dish version is with olive oil instead of butter, simply because I believe it’s healthier, and especially with the Mediterranean herb crusted goat cheese that I’ve used for the topping it fits perfectly. Butter is usually used… it’s a French recipe after all.omeletpin

Goat cheese and tomato omeletteThe omelette can be served plain, of course, but most of the time, you’ll add a filling. In this case, I’ve used a herb crusted goat cheese with tomato, but it could be mushrooms, ham, cheddar, spinach,etc. Also, I’ve added the filling on the outside of the omelette, which looks better in this case, but most omelettes you’ll see the filling inside. Again… it’s up to you and depends what is the filling. With a cheddar or mushroom filling, I would hide those inside, to melt the cheese and mushrooms aren’t exactly pretty… The ultimate omelette is smooth and yellow (not brown) and still creamy on the inside.


The technique

The technique to achieve a smooth omelette is to bring your small (I suggest a good quality aluminium cast with non-stick layer) non-stick pan to med-high heat and make sure the pan is really warm before adding the egg mixture. Turning gently into circles the pan in a circular manner (or simply shake gently the pan non stop) and with the wood spatula mix in the opposite direction in circular manner too, taking the sides of the omelette stuck to the side off. You keep doing this for a minute or until the omelette have a “cottage cheese texture”, then stop shaking/mixing and let set the bottom until cooked, no more than a 15 seconds, then take off the fire, fold it into a 1/2 moon, or simply fold it twice on itself, if the interior looks still too runny, let the residual heat do the rest of the coccion. *As shown in the pictures above and also in the directions.


Golden rules

A top omelette is never brown on the outside, this means it burned, and strangely, most online recipe of omelette are overcooked. On the inside it should still be slightly creamy. The whole conception of the omelette is quite fast, I would say, about 3 minutes. It makes a great breakfast, lunch, brunch dish. The filling, in this case, is an herb crusted goat cheese and tomato, can go either inside the omelette or out.  I’ve learn this “art” of making omelette from my culinary school teacher, which was specialized in eggs, he did a special course in France on the subject. I didn’t know they had such precise speciality classes, but apparently “eggs” are part of a full world to discover.

So here is the technique to the perfect omelette!



Makes: 1 portion | Preparation: 5 minutes | Difficulty: medium

  • 2-3 eggs
  • salt, pepper
  • filling or topping of tomato and goat cheese here but really it’s anything you want.
  1. In a non-stick pan, bring it to med-high heat, until quite hot
  2. Add a touch of olive oil or butter
  3. In a bowl mix well, (but not too much) your eggs, *optional; add extra 1 tbsp of milk or water (milk make the omelette slight creamier and water puffier)
  4. Add salt and pepper (white pepper preferably)
  5. Add the egg mixture to the pan and right away turn gently into circle the pan in a circular manner (or simply shake gently the pan non stop) also with a wood spatula mix constantly, gently and fast in the opposite direction in circular manner too, taking the sides of the omelette stuck to the side off and back into the wet mixture until the egg look like “cottage cheese” (check the picture on the right)
  6. Make sure the eggs are covering the bottom of the pan, no holes, and let cook the omelette for a 10 seconds more without touching it, to set the bottom
  7. Take the omelette off the fire and fold gently, in the form you prefer, if you do a filled omelette, add the filling now, if not, simply fold into 2 or 3 with the help of your fingers and spatula
  8. You can wait a few seconds, if the inside seems too runny before letting it slide right into the plate, this way the residual heat will finish the coccion
  9. Serve with the filling of your choice or as it is.


Bon Appétit!

Goat cheese and tomato omelette

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