Truffle Kale chips

An healthy alternative to chips,  you’ll get hooked on those crispy Truffle kale chips. The recipe is a no brainer, wash, season and simply dehydrate kale leaves until dry. If you are looking for a healthy snack, this is a great one. A great alternative to chips while watching a movie. The trick here is to get a good fresh truffle olive oil and some truffle salt, a touch of pepper and mix well.

Truffle Kale chips


Once dehydrated, the kale chips can be preserve for quite a long time, you can eat them by themselves or to give some crunch to a salad or even an omelette. In other word, always a nice thing to keep around in the kitchen. If you are more of a spicy lover,  then check out my other recipe of Spicy Espelette Kale Chips recipe.

Health benefits

Kale has a whole lot of iron in it and many other vitamins, in other words, a fully loaded nutrient food. Check this post out from for the whole benefits of kale!


There are 2 ways to dehydrate the leaves:

First: The dehydrator machine, which is great because you are sure the chips won’t burn.


Second: The oven at the lowest temperature, with the door slightly open, which is a great alternative if you don’t have a dehydrator machine.

Truffle Kale chipsYou’ll need;
  • 1 big pack of kale
  • 2 tbsp of truffle oil
  • 2 tsp of truffle salt
  • pepper
In both case the preparation is the same;
  1. Wash 1 pack of kale leaves
  2. Take off the thick stem with a knife
  3. Then pat dry each leaf with a paper towel
  4. Add about 2 tbsp of truffle olive oil and the salt and pepper and mix well
  5. Add to the dehydrator grills or on baking paper in the oven
  6. In the dehydrator, at 60°C (135F) for 3 to 5 hours until crisp, or in the oven at the lowest for 10-15 minutes with the door slightly open, until the corners of the leaves get’s brownish.

So simple, healthy and yummy. Enjoy!

Truffle Kale chips


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