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Pesto-Parmesan Fingers

Red and Green Pesto Parmesan Fingers for a crunchy, flavorful appetizers for holiday season. A crowd pleaser guaranteed!cheese phyllo appetizers


cheesy phyllo appetizer

This holiday season is going to be a hit with those pesto (2 colors) parmesan fingers. They are easy to do and terribly fun and tasty. I’ve used 2 different pesto types; the popular green pesto a la genovese (basil) and also a red pesto (dried tomato). I thought it would be great to have both colors for the holidays. Those fingers are a nice bite for any dinner party, finger buffet or snacks. You can easily cook them ahead of time and they stay crispy and tasty forever leaving you time to work on other appetizers while the guests are gathering around the table.

The flavor

Pesto FingersI suggest parmesan but it could be any aged cheese you’d prefer. The cheese is subtil, just one layer of it is needed. The highlight of the show is really the pesto here. You can use a premade pesto or make your own, for my part, I’ve use a concentrate pesto from an Italian restaurant I love. They make such a concentrated and tasty pesto, I have to dilute it with extra olive oil for this recipe. Down in the direction I don’t specify this: because pesto can have many consistencies, so make sure it’s liquid enough to spread with a brush on the phyllo sheets in a light coating. We’ll have 2 layers (the third and final layer of phyllo) of pesto, I’ve added them inside the rolls or finger, so the color from the pesto don’t show through the fingers. They look innocent and plain from the outside but once you bite into one, they will give you a powerful punchy flavor. Plus I like the texture or those appetizers, love the contrast between crunchy phyllo and smooth pesto and cheese. A great and festive appetizer!

Instruments and technique

As for the instruments for this recipe, I suggest you use an olive oil spray instead of a brush, it results always lighter and prevent the fingers from getting too oily. As for the technique I let you some slideshow down below in the directions section to help visualise the amount of pesto I’ve used  and the rolling technique. Because if you use too much pesto your rolls will end up too oily. Last little thing which seems harmless but it quite important… don’t forget the salt before adding the finger to the oven. No salt, bad finger…

So let’s make those fingers!

Parmesan and Pesto Fingers

Makes 16 fingers | Preparation: 30 minutes | Cooking time: 10 minutes

  • 260g phyllcheesy phyllo appetizero sheets (2 x 6 sheets)
  • 50g of basil pesto
  • 50 g of red pesto
  • parmesan or aged cheese
  • olive oil (spray is better)
  • salt

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Take out the phyllo from the freezer 1 hour ahead of time
  2. Start by laying 1 sheet plus a light spray of olive oil (or brushed lightly)
  3. Makes this step 3 times, adding the sheets one over another
  4. Add a layers of pesto (red or green) and add another sheet on top
  5. Add a fine layer of cheese (parmesan or aged cheese of your choice) then another sheet
  6. Add a last thin layer of pesto (at this point I have 6 stacked sheets)
  7. Cut the phyllo stacked sheets into 5 cm large rectangle
  8. Roll them up in thin cylinders
  9. Repeat with the other 6 sheets with the other pesto color
  10. Add them to a baking sheet covered oven tray and add a light spray of olive oil on top plus salt
  11. Cook at 180°C (350F) for 10 minutes or until light golden
  12. Let cool before serving



pesto 2 colors

*A special thanks for choosing our pesto-parmesan fingers recipe for the “15 gorgeous party appetizers” on The Kitchen Addiction site. Check it out here.

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