Beetroot and Goat Cheese Mini Quiches have ruby red interior with a white center of fresh goat cheese and a cup made the “rösti way” with seasoned grated potato for an extra colorful and fun bite.finger bite beet and goat cheese quiches

goat cheese quiches beetroot

When you like a combination of 2 ingredients like I do, in this case it’s beetroot and goat cheese, you need to find many ways to enjoy it!  It’s a simple, light and fun recipe which goes well with a nice green salad and a drizzle of balsamic cream. Also a nice polyvalent bite to eat whether cold or warm making it suitable for picnics, express lunch or even a snack. Or it could also go to perfection for those special event like Mother’s day or Valentine’s day.

The potato cups

Beet and goat cheese mini quichesThe potato cups are similar to a “rösti”  which consist of squeezing out all the juice from the potato and adding a touch of flour, oil and seasonning. All there is left to do is push the mixture down into each muffin hole to form a nice thin cup to receive the egg-beet mixture and Voilà! Yes… That easy! It could also be replaced by a dough of any kind like a flaky or phyllo base (check my asparagus phyllo base mini quiches here). As for the potato type… I don’t have a clear answer… I use an in between floury-waxy potato, a white inside with light brown skin and it makes wonders. Waxy potatoes (red skin) would be crunchier and the form of each grated potato piece would show better but wouldn’t get a nice golden color. As for the “floury” type, it would make the cups golden but too soft. In the end, it’s a preference thing but I suggest the middle or more on the waxy side. As for the skin, I personally keep it to give more crunch to the cups but it could also be made with a peeled potatoes. Oh and… one last thing… don’t be shy on the seasoning for the potato mix! Details sometimes makes a huge difference.

2 Step recipe

Beetroot and goat cheese mini quiches potato cup

It’s a two step recipe, meaning, the potato cups needs to be cooked before adding the quiche content. This way you’ll get a nicely golden and crispy potato base. When the first step is done, we’ll add the pieces of fresh goat cheese to the center of each quiches and then the egg-beet mixture to cover it. This way we’ll get to bite into a nice white and creamy center of goat cheese.

So let’s get those finger bites going!


Mini Beet and Goat Cheese Quiches

Makes 12 quiches

  • silicone standard muffins tray (12 muffins) or heavily greased and floured metal tray
Beet and goat cheese mini quichesIngredients
  • 600g of potato (6 small or 4 medium)
  • 6 eggs (L)
  • 200g pre cooked beetroot (2 small ones/1 big one)
  • 100g of fresh goat cheese
  • 3 tbsp of flour 
  • 2 tbsp of olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  1. Start by washing the potato (if you keep the skin), then grate them up with the help of a mandoline or food processor
  2. Add the grated potato to a clean towel and squeeze out all the juice
  3. Add the dried potato to a bowl with the flour, salt, pepper and olive oil and mix good
  4. Use a silicone muffin tray (better) or a well greased/floured metal one and push down the potatoes mix to make a mini cups in each holes
  5. Cook the potato cups on the lower level of the oven for ±18 minutes at 180°C (350F) or until golden
  6. During that time blend the beetroot in the blender
  7. Add the eggs to a bowl with some salt, pepper and the blended beets, mix well
  8. Cut the goat cheese into medium cubes (2cm)
  9. Once the potato cups are golden, add a goat cheese cubes in each cup and cover with the egg-beets mixture
  10. Cook for another 15 minutes at 180°C (350F)
  11. Before serving, let the mini quiches cool for 5 minutes before unmolding


Serve with a nice baby spinach salad. Enjoy!

Beet and goat cheese mini quiches


  1. Wow! These look so elegant and sound so delicious! They would make a really nice appetizer for Mother’s Day!

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  3. eileenbakingsense Reply

    Oh, I love everything about these little beauties. Besides the fact that they’re gorgeous, I also love the beets/goat cheese combo. The potato crust is just the “icing on the cake”.

  4. I love the gorgeous colour that the beets give to these mini quiches! They look really tasty and would make a great party snack too.

  5. These sound ah-mazing! I love beets and goat cheese together in salads, so I can imagine how nom-tastic these little bites are. I also love the presentation; the sprouts are adorable!

  6. Honestly, I discovered about the whole beet + goat cheese combo only a few years ago, but Oh my! do I love it! I use a creamy fresh goat cheese and mix it with beets in salads and even sandwiches, but never tried baking them together. It sounds so good, I’m salivating! Plus, adding a roasted potato crust?! brilliant!

  7. I’m always up for anything that involves goat cheese 😉 These are just so pretty to look at and I love this idea for a different take on the traditional mini quiche appetizer.

  8. I’m not really a beetroot fan but seeing beetroot every where and reading about its health benefits, I’m slowly warming up to it. I may give this recipe a try.

  9. Being Ukrainian I have eaten my share of beets over the years. I will admit I have not had them this way. Goat cheese makes everything and delicious…and always makes such a pretty colour when mixed with beats. Not to mention a delicious flavour profile too.

  10. Lynn | The Road to Honey Reply

    Wow! These are just so elegant. They would be perfect served at dinner parties or any other event you are trying to impress guests. And that goat cheese filling. . .so delicious in of itself.

  11. I love the sweet earthy beets with goat cheese – don’t blame you for trying to keep using the combination! And the potato crust is just perfect with it!

  12. These are stunning. I think they will be a perfect addition to out Mothers day brunch.

  13. I *love* rösti, and the idea of a bite-sized rösti filled with goat cheese sound amazing.

  14. Justine @ Reply

    This is such a clever, modern spin on quiche. I absolutely love what you’ve done here and can only imagine how delicious these must be! Great recipe. 🙂

  15. this is so awesome, a way to make quiche gluten free and also the goat cheese + beet in there sounds amazing. I would so love these for brunch or actually i bet they would work great for meal prep! 🙂

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