The popular Hugo Spritz is a beloved cocktail cherished for its delicate aroma and festive side. Crafted from elderflower syrup, sparkling wine, mint and lime, this enchanting concoction is served over ice with a hint of sparkling water.

Hugo Spritz is a popular European drink made of a simple mix of sparkling wine and water, elderflower syrup, mint, and a slice of lime served on the rocks. It’s so simple, no need to take the shaker out, and it’s a delicate and festive cocktail that suits any occasion. Originally made with Italian Prosecco sparkling wine, this version uses Spanish Cava for a bubblier touch.

Origin of the Hugo Spritz

Hugo Spritz with Cava

This cocktail originated in 2005 from a German living in the Alps who wanted to find a light, festive new aperitif for his guests, a summerish, not-too-strong cocktail. Originally, the drink was called Otto and made from Lemonbalm essence. Being a difficult aroma to find, they switched to elderflower essence or syrup.

What is the difference between Cava and Prosecco?

Cava Hugo

Yes, both are sparkling white wines; the main difference here is the technique used to make them. Cava comes from Catalonia, the North-Eastern part of Spain, and uses the Champenoise technique, which basically means the second fermentation is made in the bottle itself. Meanwhile, the second fermentation of prosecco is made in big pressure vats made of metal, making an easier and faster result. Usually a bit more fizzy, the Cava will make this drink a tad more festive.

Elderflower Syrup

Elderflower syrup

For those who don’t know elderflower syrup, it’s a deliciously perfumed, flowery and sweet flavour; it’s incomparable to any other syrup. It reminds me of “Lychee”. Also, be careful to choose wisely the bottle since many syrups are “diluted” or artificially made; just make sure it’s directly made from the flowers.


The flowers bloom from May to June in Northern Europe. For those lucky guys living nearby, it’s possible to make your own syrup with it; check this recipe. In Austria, they make a lovely alcohol-free lemonade by mixing sparkling water with it, and it’s simply divine!

Other Fizzy Cocktails

Let’s get that summer drink ready!

Hugo Spritz (Spanish Version)

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Prep Time 2 minutes
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Total Time 2 minutes
Servings 1 drink
Hugo Spritz with a Spanish twist, instead of using a Prosecco, this version uses Cava which makes it more festive and bubbly! Try this Elderflower, Cava, mint, sparkling water and lime served on the rocks, it's simply divine!


  • 35 ml elderflower syrup
  • 35 ml sparkling water
  • 150 ml Cava (any sparkling wine)
  • 1 lime slice
  • few mint leaves


  • Crush some mint leaves at the bottom of the glass first.
  • Add the ice cubes and pour all the other ingredients.
  • Swirl gently before serving.


Author: Marie Breton
Course: cocktail, Drinks
Cuisine: Austrian, german, Italian
Keyword: cava, cocktail, drink, elderflower syrup, Hugo, sparkling wine, spritz

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  1. I love Elderflower! It’s such a lovely pairing with wine! If only it wasn’t so pricey! Great drink to share 🙂

  2. I stopped at a little winery on Kansas one time and picked up a bottle of Elderberry wine. I’ve been looking for a way to use it. Hmmmm… I wonder if this recipe could be adapted? I’ll see if I can find some Cava and let you know

    • I believe the berry is quite different than the flower… but you should try it out anyways! Maybe you’ll invent some nice new drink! Let me know;)

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