MPBretonI’m Marie, a French Canadian food addict living in Spain with my German husband and my 15 years old Cocker. I know… it’s a bit confusing… Anyway, I am a self proclaimed “FoodOlic”, I guess because I hate spending a day without creating something in the kitchen. I just need it! In my family always called me “the Artist”, which I didn’t really get why… since I wasn’t good at piano, nor drawing or anything artistic really. Today I know why…

Growing up in cold Canada, I had the chance to have a “foodie” family. My parents always brought us to nice bistros, restaurants of all kinds as kids up until now and me and my siblings travelled quite a bit with them every summer. Nowadays, there is nothing that we enjoy more, than to discover a good restaurant together.By the way I don’t mean necessary pricy place when I say “good” restaurant. My brother is the chemist cook, he know all about the science behind cooking, my sister is the new restaurant finder, always knowing about the new places to try in Quebec city, my mom is always finding and trying new recipes and my dad is a “sunday night chef”, making big amount of comfort food like stews or soups for the week. When we chat, it’s strangely mostly about food, if we end up in a restaurant and enjoyed a dish, we would share it with the family. I guess, after years of food talks, I add to become ‘something related to food’; so why not a food blogger.

I’ve lived in Peru, Colombia and now I’m in Spain. In each place, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about their respective gastronomy. Moving to Barcelona has made me fall in love for food even more, and I’ve decided to take a cooking training course in the Hofmann’s culinary school. I’ve learned a great deal from basic sauces to traditional Spanish/Mediterranean cuisine.

Barcelona is home to my favorite market in the world; the Santa Caterina market. The famous old convent was transformed into the first covered market of Barcelona in 1844. Now it’s renovated roof is a piece of art in itself. Here is more info. The market is one of a kind, it’s simply a therapy to go there. Everyone serves you with a smile and shows a genuine love for their respective products and they always end a transaction with a: gracias princessa “thank you princess”, a adios corazon“bye my heart” or a que te vaya bien guapa “Take care beautiful”. Each time I go shop there, I leave with an inflated self esteem, a big smile, 2 heavy bags of food and a back pain, but that last one doesn’t matter.

Spanish table

I love to pick up ‘that’ vegetable which I’ve never seen before, and then research it. Also I’m not a recipe follower. In fact, I don’t like to follow all those rules, so I usually pick up 3 recipes that I relate to the protagonist food and mix it up to my taste and most of all with a healthy touch. So that is pretty much how my recipes take form, and if you like them, I encourage you not follow them too meticulously, give it your own twist.

I also love food at its purest. There’s nothing better than simple stuff like a bite of warm fresh bread, a perfumed tasting olive or a perfectly ripe tomato with a drizzle of olive oil. I’m also a traveller, I’ve been around the globe from Vietnam to Morocco. I usually do food tours or cooking classes when I visit new places. This way I learn new techniques, flavors and also get to know the culture. On the blog you’ll find some of those flavors I brought back with me from those different places. Hope you’ll enjoy!