The FoodOlic at Tickets Tapas Bar

Hi there,

I’m Marie, a French Canadian living abroad in Spain, for 10 years now, with my German husband and my 15 years old Cocker.  I am a self proclaimed “FoodOlic” because I find really challenging spending a few days without creating something new in the kitchen or discovering new flavors, techniques, ingredients, anything related to food. That’s why I call myself a “Foodaholic” which result into “FoodOlic” when your mother tongue is French. Like most French”ies”, the airy h‘s are too difficult to pronounce in english, so we ratter simply pronounce it louder. That’s why I’ve used a capital letter “O” and cut the “h. Result The FoodOlic said with a slight Frenchy accent.

I grew up in a small coastal town, called Baie-Comeau, up on the North Shore region of Quebec, Canada. A far far away place where -30 C° (-22°F) in winter is the norm, however a beautiful hidden gem with unforgettable scenery. Living far away didn’t stop my parents from making us travel as kids, for me and my siblings a 5 hours drive to the next big city was considered a “short trip”. My parents made us discover the love of the unknown and the taste to discover new things and food was a big part of it. That’s where I’ve started this love story for food. I remember my first freshly made French croissant in Paris, filled with butter, a warm and fluffy cloud on my tongue for breakfast… forget about bacon and eggs. Or my first cassoulet, my first real slice of Italian pizza, my first Swiss chocolate bar, my first churro, my first taco, I could go on and on… those were all eye opening, exotic food for a girl from the North pole.

As a young adult, I’ve lived in Peru, Colombia and now in Spain and travelled here and there. In each places, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about their respective cuisines and new techniques, ingredients, traditions, etc. Since I’ve moved to Barcelona my love for food grew exponentially, so I’ve decided to take a year of basic cooking training course in the Hofmann’s culinary school. I’ve learned a great deal there from basic mother sauces passing by traditional Spanish/Mediterranean cuisine and even a bit of sushi making.

My favorite hobby is to pick up a vegetable or any product which I’ve never seen before and experiment with it. I usually mix and match up a few recipes and research flavor profiles that fits the protagonist food and create something out of it. Sometimes it turns into a “catastrophe” other times into a new obsession of mine.

This blog is for people, like me, who wants to discover new flavors make a change from the same old recipes and upgrade to something creative and healthy. I do make occasional “traditional” dishes but most of them are inspirations. You’ll also find some dishes I’ve discovered along the way in the Delicious Destinations section above.

*If you happen to come and visit Barcelona, Spain in the near future and would like a guide to bring you around to taste some of the best tapas in town, I would be more than happy to help you out! Simply leave me a message in the ‘Contact me‘ section with all your info, date,etc. and I’ll answer you right back.