The FoodOlic at Tickets Tapas Bar

Hi there dear reader,

I'm Marie, a French Canadian living in Spain, for 10 years now, with my German husband and my 15 years old Cocker. It's a bit confusing for some… that globalisation love… Anyway, I am a self proclaimed "FoodOlic" because I find really challenging spending a few days without creating something new in the kitchen or discovering new flavors, techniques or anything related to food. It's really a kind of illness. That's why I call myself the french pronunciation of "Foodaholic" which result into "FoodOlic". Just like any French"ies", our h's are too difficult to pronounce in english, so we ratter simply speak it louder. That's why I've used a capital letter "O" and cut the … too difficult to say "h" for my blog's name. A french touch… so one thing explained… a few more to go.

Growing up in a sea coastal small town, called Baie-Comeau, up on the North Shore region of Quebec, Canada. A far far away place that reach -30 degrees in winter, however that didn't stop my parents from making us travel a lot as kids. Plus, they would always bring us to nice bistros, restaurants of all kinds around the world. That's where we've started our, me and my siblings, food education. Nowadays, there is nothing that we enjoy more, than to discover a good restaurant together. By the way I don't mean pricy places when I say "good" restaurant, it could be a simple seasonal "poutine shack" called Cantine in french or a new food truck in town. My older brother is the chemist cook, he know all about the science behind cooking. My sister is the new restaurant finder and explorer, always knowing about the new places to try in Quebec city. My mom is always finding and trying new recipes (mainly Ricardo's one's) and is the best host there is and my dad is the "Sunday's Chef", making big amount of comfort food like stews, BBQ's or soups, the feast maker by excellence!

I've lived in Peru, Colombia and now in Spain and travelled here and there. In each places, I've learned a tremendous amount about their respective cuisines and new techniques, ingredients, traditions, etc. Since I've moved to Barcelona my love for food grew even more so I've decided to take a year of cooking training course in the Hofmann's culinary school. I've learned a great deal there from basic mother sauces passing by traditional Spanish/Mediterranean cuisine and even a bit of sushi making.

My favorite hobby is to pick up a vegetable or new product which I've never seen before, then go home with it and research and explore with it, trying recipes until one hits my taste. However, I'm not a strict recipe follower. In fact, I don't like to follow all those rules and calculate quantities to the line, so I usually mix and match up a few recipes into my own. I encourage you also not to follow my recipe at 100%, make it your own, by changing or adding/eliminating an ingredient, or the format or else, give it your own twist!

This blog is for people, like me, who want to discover creative recipes. I do make occasional "traditional" dishes but most of them are inspired by them or a merged or simply brand new, although always with a healthy touch! Bringing along the flavors and techniques I've came across going around the globe. You'll also find some of those recipes and places I've encounter on the way in the Delicious Destinations section.

I hope you'll enjoy!