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Romesco Sauce

Romesco Sauce is a polyvalent sauce that goes well with any grilled meat, fish or vegetable. It’s main ingredients are roasted tomatoes, garlic, hazelnut, almond, a red pepper pulp with a touch of paprika. A perfect condiment for BBQ season! A Catalan ritual The orange and nutty sauce originates from Tarragona, about an hour south of Barcelona,… Continue reading Romesco Sauce

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Luffa angular (not a recipe)

Luffa angular is my latest experiment, and as one knows… experiments don’t always turns out positive. This strange looking vegetable appeared at my Bangalis veggie store, I add to try it… I’ve asked the shop owner what to do with this long, snake look alike, vegetable and he told me to make a simple soup with… Continue reading Luffa angular (not a recipe)

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Sunshine blogger award

Hi, Well, it’s a bit strange to write about something else then food… I feel a little out of my element but I was nominated by a fellow blogger blogtasticfood. Not sure how the whole Sunshine blogger award works, but I think I have to answer a few questions then I have to nominate a blogger… Continue reading Sunshine blogger award