Watermelon pops covert with an ultra creamy Greek yogurt, some freshly crushed pistachios and a last minute drizzle of orange blossom honey for a tasty and healthy snack this summer!watermelon popsicles

Watermelon Pistachio pops

These fun bites are crunchy on the first bite with a nice sweet yet salted taste, crunchy yet creamy texture and the more you eat it, the more it gets fruity and refreshing. Plus, there is no melting like with normal popsicles, so the little ones won’t mess up the floor with this popsicle version.

Watermelon Pistachio pops
The watermelon effect

Watermelons are enormous… generally you would want to use it before it gets bad without having to leave it for days in the fridge and monopolize all that precious space. Making a punch with it is a common solution or maybe next time try these popsicles. The famous pink fruit contains about 90% of water, making it a perfect candidate for the freezer. Of course, you’ll lose a tad of the sweetness, so better use a ripe watermelon to make the popsicles. I’ve left the watermelon rind, for esthetic reasons, but you could cut it off before freezing the pops. Another suggestion would be to pick up a seedless watermelon for… well… I believe no explanation necessary here.

Watermelon Pistachio pops
Let’s talk honey, honey!

There is a whole world of different flowers out there, different nectars, resulting in different honeys. Some more popular than others like multi flowers mix, the thyme, rosemary or lavender. Although one of my favorites is the spectacular one called Flor de Azahar, or orange blossom, which it simply beautifully perfumed, clear and really you can feel the orange and the sun in there. I’ve used this one for this recipe which I highly recommend but really it’s up to you! I’ve added the drizzle of honey once the pops are frozen, just before serving. It will freeze on the popsicles beautifully without making a mess and giving this extra fun texture to the popsicles!

Let’s make some tasty brain freezes going!

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Watermelon Pistachio Pops

Makes 6 pops | Difficulty: easy | Preparation: 1 hour

  • ripe watermelon (6 pieces cut into small triangles)
  • 150g (1 small cup) of natural or vanilla greek yogurt (0% fat or full)
  • crushed pistachio to taste
  • orange blossom honey to taste
  1. Cut the watermelon into small triangles (with or without the rind)
  2. Cut an opening with a sharp end knife (puntilla) in the end of each piece and insert a wooden stick
  3. Cover with the help of a spoon the top with some yogurt, add the crushed pistachio
  4. Add to a deep plate covered with wax paper, cover and freeze for a minimum of 1 hour
  5. When ready to consume, drizzle some honey on the popsicles.



watermelon popsicles


  1. Well aren’t this cute and healthy little snack bites. I think they would work for dessert to, especially on a hot summer day….and a backyard BBQ party!! Watermelon is the best…especially in summer.

  2. sugarlovespices Reply

    What a great healthy and delicious snack idea! And they look adorable as well, so fresh and colorful and juicy!

  3. Yum! Such an easy and delicious summer snack. Love all those flavors and I bet it would be a huge hit with my daughter.

  4. These are just too precious! Seriously – adorable. What a delicious snack idea. I love watermelon and yogurt together. It’s a very underrated combination.

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