Tandoori chicken-pineapple skewers is an easy, packed with indian flavors dish, especially  great on the BBQ. I do not own one, so I make my skewers in the boring oven and they still taste fantastic. Tandoori, in the western world, is a simple marinade filled with different indian spices, the soft kind, not spicy at all. On the other hand, in India, they cook the chicken Tandoori in those special Tandoor oven, which of course, in the western world we don’t have. Also, in India, the tandoori marinade tends to be spicier. I’m living far away from India so I use the oven and it does the trick, but on the BBQ, I suppose it to get this smoky charcoal taste added to the spicy, sweet skewers…a dreamy mix…A great theme (indian) for your next BBQ party. So to all BBQ owners out there, try this out and send me some news! or even better invite me over.…