High Protein Bowl is filled with healthy, colourful and fulfilling ingredients like turmeric and paprika chicken breast, spinach, grilled halloumi, dill bean salad, fresh cucumbers and rye bread, perfect to get fuel all day! High Protein Bowl is a low-carb but super protein-filled dish loaded with colours, textures and flavours. If you try to stay away from carbs but need to power all-day kind of meat; this is it! The perfect lunch to give you a whole lot of lasting energy. This bowl is more of a Modern type of dish, with a bit of everything to make a jump in textures, temperature, and taste, which is fun and yummy! Magic Turmeric Turmeric is the new “hit” spice; it’s everywhere nowadays; lattes, energy shots, smoothies, marinades, rice, potatoes, etc. Although, its flavour is super mild, it’s got a whole lot of health benefits attached to it, for example; anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant,…