black rice


Chicken supreme in a Mushroom Cream served on black rice is an easy and smooth dish for mushroom lovers. The healthy properties of black rice are extraordinary! Come, check it out! Look at that rice, this precious black rice turned into dark shades of purple when it’s done cooking. Not only is it a super healthy rice, it’s just so pretty in a plate and contrast so great the white sauce. I’ll come back to the rice a bit later… This meal is a shout-out to any mushrooms lover out there. I personally disliked mushroom as a kid, I believe it was mostly its texture that repulsed me. Today, strangely all the stuff I used to dislike as a kid are some of my favorites; like olives, strong cheeses, mushrooms, fish, etc. Strange how our taste develops into something completely different… although my favorites from back in the days are pretty much…