Smooth gnocchis on a smooth spinach sauce topped with crunchy cured ham, a perfect balance of textures and flavors. If you are a spinach lover, this is the meal for you, also gnocchis, those italian silky potato dumplings are a great compliment to the spinach sauce. A traditional recipe made of spinach already exists; the green spinach gnocchis. I’ve simply separated the gnocchis from the spinach and made a sauce with it. The sauce under the gnocchi makes this dish look better in my option, to see the nice form of each gnocchi opposed to a mix of green balls. Gnocchis recipes in the cyber world tends to be quite traditional, meaning typical sauces that comes with; for example; the butter sage sauce, pesto, ragout, etc. which are all delicious of course. In my case, I’ve done it with a spinach sauce… mainly because I needed a way to use my leftover chicken broth in the fridge and since…