Lauki Koftas is an indian dish; a bottle gourd dumpling into a hot curry sauce. This vegetable goes by many names; Calabash, opo, Lauki, bottle gourd…It’s origin is from Africa although the bright green skin kind is the most popular in Asia. The gourd contains over 90% of water so you’ll have to drain and keep the juice in the first step of the recipe. Also a popular choice of veggie for losing weight diets, and as cranberry juice it support the urinary system, lower blood pressure and much more. A healthy choice of vegetable. I’m lucky to be living next to a Bangalis vegetable store, where they always get those strange kind of vegetables I’ve never seen before. Two days ago, while shopping for my veggies of the day, as usual, I saw, this big bright green pear, in the first basket in the entrance. As a curious food explorer, I had to try it.…