This colossal MeatBall Spaghetti is a minimalistic touch to a classic meatball sauce. This moist and filled with spices gargantuesque meatball will bring goosebumps to any carnivores guaranteed! Mega MeatBall Spaghetti is a minimalistic version of the classical meatball sauce we all love. This dish will bring goosebumps to any carnivores, a moist meatball filled with spices served in a simple onion-tomato sauce and al dente pasta. I like to cheat myself, especially with food… I would say well it’s not a totally evil dish if I just make 1 meatball instead of many, but the truth is; in the end it’s as heavy calorie wise. Anyway, if I am to sin and eat red meat, better to it right no? This meal is also kind of the story close to my heart. When I’ve met my husband, 10 years ago back in Panama, he used to eat so much pasta that I would call him a pasta…