Highlighting the zucchini at its best! Zucchini Carpaccio is thin slices of zucchini complimented with cherry tomatoes, shaved parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil. Simply divine! I’ve first tried, Zucchini Carpaccio, not in Italy, but in Spain! In a small Catalan village called Montblanc, right next to Barcelona. Such a simple, elegant and delicate appetizer. I would never have imagined that raw zucchini could taste something… Was my first try at raw zucchini… and I’ve got pleasantly surprised! First of all, there is a really nice crunch to it and it’s got a super delicate taste that allows the extra-virgin olive oil to shine through. Cut Finely is the Secret It’s such a light and beautiful appetizer. All you’ll need is a mandoline or a talent to cut really fine slices. You would think the protagonist’s food here is the zucchini, but it’s also the olive oil! So bring out…