Fresh Broad Beans, cured pancetta and truffled pecorino fettuccine is the perfect spring dish. A mix of fresh ingredients for a delicate, fresh and elegant dish! This recipe is my call for spring, a bit the equivalent of the ‘Rain dance’ except it brings the opposite; the sun. This time of the year in Spain it’s the beginning of this delicate and sweet fava/broad beans season, never had such sweet and tasty broad beans than in Catalonia. I have to say though… they look so innocent those little broad beans but to prepare them is a¬†tedious task… Let me explain… The beans are doubly protected; first by the pod which is about 20cm long (the ones from Catalonia) and then it contains about 8 seeds in which are the actual beans. This shell is comestible and could be simply fried and consumed although if you want the sweet and…