This recipe is a bite into the tropics, brings you right to those caribbean islands, also is a great recipe for those people on eternal diet, like myself. You can spice it up to your liking and with whichever is your favorite hot pepper… mine are the habanero peppers. My husband happen to grow them and I obviously have too many, so I dehydrate them and make powder out of them. I’m not usually a big hot pepper lover but this one is special… the habanero has that fruity taste to it. I encountered with this hot pepper in Martinique, a caribbean island. Since then… I add it to many of my spicier recipes, like the spicy “ratatouille” spaghetti sauce with a bit of habanero pepper, it’s fantastic or I do “spicy cod fritters” which is a “typical” meal from the Antilles. They eat those balls like candies over there,…