pina colada


A nice boozy Pineapple Granita to freshen up the palate after or before lunch/dinner. Perfect for a hot summer night to keep your guest in party mode. This easy-to-make Pineapple Granita is so refreshing, plus it’s a super light version that doesn’t use coconut milk or cream. Plus, it’s all-natural coco water, with no added sugar, no need since pineapples are naturally loaded with sugar. A significant characteristic of coco water is that it is the best rehydrating liquid mother nature ever gave us (way more than those energy drinks), it’s filled with electrolytes and potassium (4 times more than a banana), it’s low in sodium and calories, well it’s the perfect liquid, and it tastes like the Tropics! Who could resist? Back to the Piña colada granita, I am still in a big dilemma as if… it’s a starter to open the stomach or close it… I mean, it’s…