Peruvian Pisco Sour is a gem, this foamy lemonade cocktail contains a grape distilled liquor called Pisco with limes, syrup and an egg white topped with a few drops of Angostura bitter. I know the egg white can scare a few away… there might be a minuscule risk of getting sick but there isn’t any problem if you get a fresh egg and let me say: the danger is well worth it! This Peruvian Pisco Sour drink is an elegant, fluffy lemonade for grown ups. A Peruvian drink I’ve spend a year in Peru, where on our first night out, we were told to try this foamy and refreshing drink, their national drink. Right on the spot, I’ve felt in love for this drink, this unique drink with its thick foam is so refreshing. It’s the margarita of Peru, everyone passing by, needs to try this famous Peruvian cocktail called Pisco…