These Purple Phyllo Egg Rolls with pork, red cabbage, ginger and garlic are wrapped into a crunchy Filo pastry. Baked or Air fried instead of deep-fried for a healthier version.  These egg rolls are a kid’s childhood must, accompanied by the usual plum sauce.  The other day, I was doing my monthly round in my favourite Asian markets and saw this “plum sauce” bottle. Suddenly, tons of memories came rushing back at me. Memories of my family visiting a Chinese restaurant as a child, back in Canada, and eating my favourite dish: egg rolls with this plum sauce! I remember dipping my egg rolls into this sweet plum sauce like it was yesterday until I couldn’t breathe anymore. What a tasty memory! This Purple Phyllo Egg Rolls recipe is my take on this old friend of mine! A Chinese American Dish These are not, per se, Chinese… even if many spring rolls resemble it.…