rice noodles


Vietnamese lemongrass chicken rice noodles is a great dish to make with you Banh Mi leftovers. I’ve simply add all my Banh Mi recipe on top of glass noodles with an extra sesame oil and lime and there you have a whole new tasty Vietnamese dish for this summer. The only missing element are the french baguette and the spicy mayonnaise, so if you like the spicy touch, simply add a little thai peppers to the mix. If you are looking for some light, flavored filled¬†dish for this summer, this is a great way to go. Everything in there is so flavorful, although low in calories. If you decide, as I suggested in my previous recipe, to make a Bahn Mi BBQ, simply keep the leftovers for this recipe. Since Banh Mi is a sandwich, more suitable for lunch, this is suitable for the next diner. I’ll describe the dish…