A delicate vegetarian dish, filled with vitamins and resembling a mountain of little pine trees, just in time for the holidays. A risotto with romanesco broccoli, goat cheese and butternut squash with a splash of white wine and fresh thyme. This recipe came from my experiements to make a meal with that strange looking hybrid of broccoli and cauliflower called romanesco broccoli. I’ve encountered this vegetable in the market and saw how the florets from it looked like little pine trees… I had to make something out of this for the holiday season. So I’ve explored a few ideas, one was the little christmas quiches with a base of potato which I’ve use for my collaboration with Elena from happykitchen.rocks, check it out here, those irresistible and festive little quiches. The second idea was to make a white risotto (goat cheese helped) and stick a few little romanesco broccoli florets into it to ressemble a christmas…