Greece the land of Temples, the birth of democracy and mythology but also land of exquisite cuisine. I’ve spend a week in Aegina this summer, a small island, about 1 hour south of Athens by boat. This Island is a special one, first it’s home to the Temple of Aphaia, one of the best preserved doric temples in Greece. Plus since 1860, the island is a top producers of quality pistachios in Europe. Their pistachios are simply divine, they say sweeter than most pistachios, those trees are growing easily all over the island, although not so easily elsewhere in Greece or even Europe… As soon as you touch land, in the harbour, you’ll see many stands of pistachios here and there. A pure pistachio heaven! They sell all kinds of products like; pistachio butter, pesto, paste, nougat, preserved in honey, candies, baklavas, etc. Plus those “nuts” (technically not nuts but seeds) are lower…