al pastor


Who doesn’t love a good spicy taco with a touch of sweet in it? The tacos al Pastor are a pork tacos from Middle Mexico, the actual way they cook the pork is on those Middle East Kebab rotating grills. Mexican got inspired by the Lebanese immigrants and made there own version of Shawarma, they’ve changed the veal for pork and add lot’s of different hot peppers to it with a welcome touch of pineapple! Delicious stuff! My version is a braised meat done in the oven, since the roasting method isn’t easy to make at home… but for courageous cooks, there is a way here you can try, which look delicious! A while ago, our Mexican native Veterinarian recommended me and my husband his favorite Mexican place in town (Barcelona). We ended up in La Taqueria, near the Sagrada Familia, a small, colorful and humble mexican restaurant. We’ve tried 4 differents styles of…