al pastor


Mexican Tacos al Pastor features succulent marinated pork slowly cooked to perfection, nestled in a corn tortilla and covered with a delightful slice of pineapple. All toppings are customizable, so you can experience the perfect combo of sweet and spicy! Who doesn’t love a good spicy taco with a touch of sweetness? Mexican Tacos al Pastor, which means shepherd’s tacos in Spanish, are pork-based tacos from Middle Mexico. The method used to cook the pork is based on Middle Eastern kebabs’ rotating grills. Therefore, the Lebanese immigrants inspired Mexicans and basically made their version of Shawarma. They’ve changed the veal for pork and added chilli peppers and a welcomed touch of sweet pineapple! Delicious stuff! Of course, for this version, no rotating grill could be used. So we’ve braised the pork meat and finished it slowly in the oven to mimic it. If you want to mimic this grilled effect…