Skinny Kir Royal with blueberries is an elegant, fizzy and delicious cocktail! The perfect companion for any event and fun to watch your blueberries dancing up and down. This version is skinny because I’ve used a simple blackcurrant syrup (0% alcohol) instead of the blackcurrant liquor or cream (approx. 20% alcohol). Also, this syrup got more sugar, making these two colours fun-looking glass. It will mix more and more while you drink it, changing the flavour. Kir Royal is a classic aperitif cocktail in France, and so simple to make! Aperitif (or Apero) is the drink you have before a meal, a stomach starter, they say! Often written: Kir Royale in the web-O-sphere, no clue why the ‘e’ made an appearance… Blueberries dancing in the Kir Royal Types of Kirs This drink is one of the only wine “cocktails” out there, with sangria. In Brittany, they make the Kir Breton with…