Beetroot and apricot salad topped with fresh goat cheese and pistachios. The earthy beetroot is the perfect companion to the perfumed and sweet apricot, the goat cheese bring the salt element to the dish and the pistachios the crunch. In other word… a perfectly balanced and delicious salad. My mom showed me that recipe, the original was with raspberries and beets and I remembered at first being skeptical with the whole mix of goat cheese, beets, raspberries… But once you try it, you’ll make this salad for the rest of your life, guaranteed! Like in most salads… it’s fairly simple to make. I like to slice with the mandoline thick slices of beets and add them to the bottom of a big plate, than you build the rest of the salad in the middle of it. We don’t eat only with our mouth…nose… but also the eyes. As for the goat cheese…oh…