This Dip for Artichokes is an easy breezy lime, basil and butter sauce; it elevates each steamed Artichoke leaf to another level until its tender heart! The way my dad showed me how to eat artichokes when I was a kid stays my favourite. I steam them, add a citrus-basil butter sauce to dip each leaf in, and then the “piece de consistency,” the delicious and tender heart. Splendide this Basil Lime Dip for Artichokes! A Flower Veggie Artichokes are flower buds cut out just before blooming; being one of the only few comestible flowers we eat along with zucchini flowers, broccoli and cauliflower. There are about 140 varieties, from small purple ones to big massive ones. In Spain, they grow all year long, although there are high seasons which are in spring and fall. You’ll see them in many restaurants, cut simply in half and cooked directly on the grill…