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Asian Bone Broth Soup

An Asian Beef Bone Broth Soup with rice pho noodles topped with roasted Shiitake, spinach, carrots and scallions for a bowl filled with flavors and a touch of heat! It’s a recipe I wanted to do for a while: a beef bone broth. It’s basically to simmer slowly the thick beef bones and knuckles for a minimum of… Continue reading Asian Bone Broth Soup

Appetizers · Salads · Vegetarian

Asian flavored Salad

When you plan a nice light asian meal, this is a perfect appetizer to it. A salad with crunchy bean sprouts, basil, red onions, and a nice honey sesame dressing. As I said in a few post already, salads are just so fun to create. They tell the story of the meal to come, often… Continue reading Asian flavored Salad

Fish & Sea Food · Main Meals

Tuna tataki with crunchy wasabi

I know… I know… It’s wasabi and it’s too strong you would say… But the truth is: nah! Just need to balance the wasabi vinaigrette with some vinegar and honey and you’ll be surprised by the result. Sure, it’s gonna be a bit spicy, especially if you add the wasabi crunch on the sides of… Continue reading Tuna tataki with crunchy wasabi

Main Meals · Meat & Poultry

Coconut chicken noodles

Feeling like a fresh, light, summer meal? Get those rice noodles out and let’s make a simple wok dish. The coconut chicken recipe is really similar to a yellow curry sauce, but this one is for lazy people, you can use weather the yellow curry paste but I simply used the curry powder. That powder… Continue reading Coconut chicken noodles

Appetizers · Fish & Sea Food · Main Meals

Spring rolls diner

Are you one of those people who can never get enough of those spring rolls at the restaurant? Well, I am! And since I never want it to end, I make a do-it-yourself fun and full diner with them. You just need to prepare all the ingredients, add a bowl of water next to the… Continue reading Spring rolls diner