Banh mi


Banh Mi with Lemongrass Chicken is another one of those highlights from Vietnam. The sandwich got created back in Indochine, when the French were occupying Vietnam. That’s why it’s a baguette bread, although all the rest is Vietnamese flavors. I remember my first bite into a Banh Mi, it was in my college years back in Montreal, a sweet and sour, fresh crunchy cilantro and little touch of heat, the perfect bite for lunch. I would go for almost every lunch in this Vietnamese family owned restaurant. Then many years later, I’ve got the chance to visit beautiful Vietnam, a country hit by many wars, but the people’s attitude about it is so peaceful and forgiving, there are extremely resilient. Plus, this country is such a culinary paradise, they make an art out of noodles of all kinds, and their flavours are always done to perfection. There is many of those little food carts in…