Delight in a satisfying bowl of textures and flavours with our Barley Risotto, featuring succulent barley paired with crispy mushrooms and spinach. This hearty dish promises a fulfilling dining experience. Barley risotto with mushroom and spinach is an excellent alternative to the traditional arborio rice risotto. This hearty dish combines nutty barley, crunchy mushrooms, and vibrant spinach for a comforting and flavorful experience. It could be served as a side dish and a full vegetarian main! Barley instead of Arborio? Those two grains are similar in texture, although the barley is higher in fibre and lower in calories. In other words, eating your risotto with barley instead of rice is a bit healthier. The cooking process is precisely the same as with regular risotto. The excellent news is that barley is used in many diets and has many health benefits (Check here if you want to learn more). Crisp Mushrooms As…