Turmeric-Paprika Chicken & Friends Bowl is the name I’ve chosen for this dish, since it would be a full paragraph to explain the whole dish. There isn’t a protagonist in this plate made out of many elements, although if I would have to chose one, it would be the protein; which is the turmeric-paprika chicken breast in this case. Turmeric being the new “hit” spice those days because of all its health benefits, anti-cancer, help digestive and liver function, etc. If you want to hit 300… eat turmeric, in other words. This mix of turmeric and paprika is a simple, light flavor for the chicken breast but it could easily be replace by whatever flavors you’d like. A nice thyme flavored chicken or even a tandoori chicken, etc. Next stop the Friends The friends are the many side dishes, which are spinach, bean salad, cucumber, grilled halloumi and a nice crunchy toast. No… I…