beetroot pesto


This vivid burgundy Beet Pasta is made with pesto or a paste of blended beet, feta, olive oil, and pistachios. To add some texture, add crunchy arugula, crumbled feta, and pistachios to top it and give it a lovely contrasting colour! Sensational for the eyes and palate! Beet Pasta is elegant but quite a different type of pasta, a spot-on dish to impress on Valentine’s Day. I’ve used a Kamut fusilli pasta to keep it healthier, but any whole wheat or high-fibre type would do here; the ruby red paste will cover all traces of brown pasta. It can be served as a main dish or side and eaten warm or cold. Type of Pasta I’ve made this beet pasta recipe with kamut fusilli, the ancestor of modern wheat, or should I say, it’s the way wheat would be today without our interference (no GMO, etc). First, kamut is a…