bloody mary


For those last days of cold, before the heat comes, just a little hot Bloody Mary drink will warm you up! Those are so delicious and different then most cocktails, it’s a bit of everything; spice, veggies, vodka… Back in Canada, where I’m from, they do drink a version with Clamato juice (mildly spicy clam broth and tomato juice) instead of simple tomato juice, they call it Bloody Caesar. Since Clamato isn’t easy to find in  Europe… maybe in latin american stores… I have to use tomato juice, and spice it up. Also add to import a few thing from Canada to make it, like the celery salt, which I think is an important element to this drink. Obviously, living in Spain, I add a little ingredient called “Salsa Espinaler” which is basically a vinegar and paprika sauce instead of the Worcestershire sauce. The origin of the drink isn’t clear, but…