bloody mary


Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail made of tomato juice, vodka and a touch of heat to bring some veggies into your diet. For those last days of winter, before the heat comes, just a little hot Bloody Mary drink will warm you up! A drink made largely of vegetables is a tad different. It’s a bit of everything; spices, veggies, vodka… Back in Canada, where I’m from, they do a version with Clamato juice (mildly spicy clam broth and tomato juice) instead of simple tomato juice, they call it Bloody Caesar. Since Clamato isn’t easy to find in Europe where I live… I have to use tomato juice, and spice it up! I’ve also added some celery salt, which I think is an important element to this drink. Obviously, living in Spain, I add a little ingredient called “Salsa Espinaler” which is basically a vinegar and paprika sauce instead of…