blue cheese dip


These delectable baked Hot Strawberry & Habanero Wings are coated in a homemade habanero-strawberry sauce, accompanied by a refreshing blue cheese dip and a medley of crisp, colourful vegetables. Who’s starving for some hot chicken wings? Those Hot Strawberry & Habanero Wings are medium-hot with a fruity touch; the strawberry and honey glazed help calm down all that habanero heat. Plus, on the side, another tongue-soothing element is the creamy blue cheese dip. Those chicken wings are baked, making them healthier. Great on any occasion, whether it’s the “game” of the century or simply a gathering with friends. Don’t forget to bring along the extra habanero sauce for the folks that digs heat! Let’s Talk Habanero The homemade habanero sauce is an indispensable newcomer for the fridge; this version contains a few strawberries to make it extra fruity and bring out the fruity side of the habanero also. I saw many recipes with…