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Celery filled with Blue Cheese Snacks

The perfect snack / tapas for strong cheese lovers! A celery filled with a mix of blue cheese and cider topped with a few crunchy apple chips and walnuts for a memorable bite! Spanish Blue Cheeses The Snack is inspired by a tapa recipe in my new cookbook about the Northern Atlantic region of Spain (Un viaje… Continue reading Celery filled with Blue Cheese Snacks

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Butternut squash and Blue cheese Risotto

Butternut squash-blue cheese risotto is a great combination of flavours for this fall. Although blue cheese is a product people are black or white about… whether you love it or you hate it. It’s understandable, since it’s a quite powerful cheese, and not easy to pair. But if you are on the love side of the… Continue reading Butternut squash and Blue cheese Risotto

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Roquefort and Arugula Pasta

I had some leftovers from that dipping sauce, from the hot habanero chicken wings, I’ve used my leftover into pasta, add a little arugula, chives and voilà! The version, I’ll write here, is the real recipe I usually use to make my blue cheese pasta sauce… I know, most people would use the creamy gorgonzola, not… Continue reading Roquefort and Arugula Pasta

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Blue cheese focaccia

This is a modified recipe to make a healthier, or lower fat, focaccia dough. It’s a hybrid between naan bread and focaccia, to be more exact. Traditional focaccia uses an oil-based dough, but this one contains very little oil, the secret here: yogurt. Naan bread is such a moist, light and fluffy dough. Personally, I like to make my… Continue reading Blue cheese focaccia