Spicy Sweet Potato Lasagna is a gluten-free version with a tad of spicy habanero to balance the sweet potatoes. Instead of traditional pasta layers, this dish features sweet potato layers, resulting in a carb-conscious and utterly delicious alternative. This Sweet Potato Lasagna is made with a spicy bolognese sauce, a few layers of sweet potatoes and stringy gratinated cheese to top it off. Making this dish a gluten-free one with tons of flavours and frankly the spicy-sweet touch is always a winning combo. To calm things down, and give some smooth texture to the lasagna; a bechamel. The result is a delicious contrast of spicy yet sweet lasagna with a smooth core. Sweet Potatoes vs. Normal ones Talking sweet potatoes, those are the healthier choice to go with, they contain a lower glycemic index and carbs than regular potatoes, plus they have more vitamin A. The standout feature of the sweet…