bone broth


A Beef Asian Bone Broth Soup with rice pho noodles topped with roasted Shiitake, spinach, carrots and scallions for a bowl filled with flavours and a touch of heat! It’s a recipe I wanted to do for a while: Asian Bone Broth Soup. It’s basically to simmer the thick beef bones and knuckles for at least 24 hours up to 3 days. This way, you’ll get all the goods and flavours from the dense bones. The process is pretty much the same as any broth… you sear the bones, add aromatics and wait. Yes… it’s that simple, although you must keep an eye on the liquid level and add some water when it goes too low. Once the broth is done, you can either drink it as it is or do anything with it; for this post, I’ve done an Asian flair broth. I gave the broth a little “pho” mix of…