Feeling like having a good bite into your morning? This is your answer, a simple and fresh morning glory sandwich. They say the most important meal of your day is breakfast… well let’s make it a delicious one. This isn’t exactly a recipe, but rather a simple idea for a different kind of morning bite, or even lunch bite. Any good breakfast should include an egg, a creamy, perfectly cooked egg is what everyone deserves ahead of a big day. So let’s talk eggs… they are a great source of protein and increase your HDL (good cholesterol) to keep you heart healthy. On top of it all, there are millions of ways to cook them. In Europe, eggs are stamped with a code, when it’s starts with “0” it means it’s an organic egg, “1” is free-range egg, “2” indoor housing and “3” is for in-cage. I know not everyone has the means, but…