Buckwheat Crepe is a gluten-free crepe made with four ingredients: buckwheat, water, egg and salt. An authentic Crêpe/Galette Bretonne! With a bunch of holes and a simple filling of ham and cheese. Buckwheat Crepe is a recipe from my ancestors back in Bretagne, France. I’ve learned that the “Crêpe Bretonne,” aka thin pancakes, is quite different from the regular buckwheat crepe; the Breton version needs to be crunchy, thinner and filled with those minuscule holes, while the average “galette” they call in France is a softer buckwheat crepe. Regular Crêpe & Galette vs. Crêpe Bretonne First, a Crêpe is a white flour super thin pancake eaten with a sweet filling and served all over France. The galette is usually a mix of buckwheat and white flour, egg and milk, as seen in many recipes on the web, and is generally filled with savoury fillings. In Bretagne, the north-west region of…