eThis is a recipe from my ancestors back in Bretagne, France. I’ve learn that the “bretons” crepe, aka thin pancake, is quite different from the normal buckwheat crepe, the breton one needs to be crunchy, thinner and filled with those minuscule holes while the normal “galette” they call in french is a soft buckwheat crepe. I saw many recipes on the web, they often turn the normal crepe while the “Crêpe Bretonne” stays on one side only. Also it must make a sizzling sound when it first touch the pan. So let’s try to make that crispy Breton crepe. First of all, buckwheat is technically no wheat product…  Let me explain; it’s actually the seeds of a flower that makes the flour, nothing to do with the grass. It’s also a gluten free flour, so for those of you who are sensible to gluten, it’ s a great alternative. This…