Mini bruschettas with goat cheese and thyme is a great way to start your next dinner party, without saying, it’s terribly easy to do. Who doesn’t like a fresh bite of tomato filled with fresh and bold flavours and a touch of creamy goat cheese? It’s a perfect match, and even those goat cheese sceptic won’t be able to resist. I believe this is how I fell for goat cheese back in the days. This recipe is clearly not an invention of mine, it’s originally from Italy. Considered an antipasto over there, and it’s pronunciation isn’t an english soft”sch” as in “shut”  but more like a “sket” like in ketchup, check this video to clear this up. I still make the error myself… Italians make all kinds of topping as bruschetta, for example, eggplant, prosciutto, mozzarella, etc. although the widely popular bruschetta pomodoro (tomato) is the one that travelled the world the…