Calamari (squid) in its Ink Croquetas (Croquetas de Calamar en su Tinta) is my personal favorite Spanish “Tapa” Croqueta. Made with the scary for some and divine for others, Squid ink to give it extra “sea” taste and this bold, dark color. Croquetas are considered tapas in Spain, and this “black squid” tapa version is one you should definitely experience whether in Spain or in your own place. Here is my version of it, I’ve modified slightly the original recipe and added a touch of spicy paprika and garlic to my croquetas which result into a lightly spiced croqueta, barely noticeable. You can also omit it, then you’ll be making the traditional squid croquetas. The spices are not overpowering, just enough to give the beloved calamari a little kick which I believe goes to perfection with this recipe. Spanish croquetas In Spain, they have a wide variety of croquetas, ranging from cured ham…