These famous Spanish tapas, Squid Ink Croquettes or croquetas, are made with tinted thick bechamel, squid, onion, spicy paprika and garlic, making this an outstanding bite for any occasion! Squid Ink Croquettes, called Croquetas de Calamar en su Tinta in Spain, is my favourite, “Tapa.” Made with the surprising Squid ink to give it an extra “sea” taste and this bold, dark colour to the dish. This “black croqueta” tapa version is one you should experience, whether in Spain or if you want to reproduce it in your place. The Spice Mix So, in this version, I’ve slightly modified the original recipe by adding a touch of spicy paprika and garlic to my croquetas. I believe it brings a deeper aromatic croqueta. The spices are not overpowering, just enough to give the beloved calamari a kick, which I think goes perfectly with this recipe. Spanish Croquetas Spain has a wide variety of…