My parents retired to this little island right next to Quebec city, where they could be closer to their family. It’s a calm and peaceful place filled with nature, deers, érablière (maple trees plantations), agricultures of all kinds and lots of history. The island was discovered by Jacques Cartier, back in 1535. The land and its microclimate makes the island ultra fertile and a great place to cultivate. I’ve been going around for a few years now and I felt I knew enough about the island to make a top 10 of the best places for foodies to visit from summer to fall. The top 10 isn’t really in order of preference. Since it’s quite a seasonal place, in the spring, the island opens a few Cabane a sucre (house where they make maple syrup and brunch with music on sundays) to the public, in the spring time. In the  early summertime, it’s the berries season (except blueberry which is…